MOGX - Standard Bundle

MOGX - Standard Bundle

from 899.00

The MOGX Standard Bundle Lyrics Prompter comes with everything you need. A 24-inch HD Monitor, Mini PC with Windows 10, Foot Pedal, All-in-One Wireless Keyboard/Mouse and more.
It is also covered by our 1 Year Warranty and a 14 Day Hassle Free Return Policy
Promotional Price valid for a limited time.

Wooden cover that is attached to your prompter and protects it during transportation. Painted Black to match prompter color

PLEXIGLASS Protection:
Protects your screen while using your prompter. We add a plexiglass strong protection to cover the whole screen and saves you from microphones drops during the performance and cracking your screen and also protects from liquid spills.

Protective Cover:
Plexiglass Protection:
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Hardware & Components

  • 24-inch thin HD Monitor (brand may vary unless specified).

  • 4K Mini PC weighing 1.3lbs (600g) with:

    • Windows 10 (64 bits)

    • Fanless (super quiet)

    • HDMI and VGA w/ 4K support

    • 2GB Memory

    • 32GB Storage (expandable to 128GB using SD Card)

    • 5.8Ghz Wifi and Ethernet port

    • Bluetooth

    • One USB 3.0 and Two USB 2.0 ports

  • Durable hard plastic handles for easy cary.

  • 1in (2.5cm) rubber feet.

  • Metal perforated plates on both sides for internal cooling.

  • Metal corner protectors.


  • 25ft (7.6m) power cord extension.

  • Wireless Keyboard w/ Mouse Pad for easy controlling without having to plug in different devices.

  • Foot Pedal w/ 3 stepping pads. The software comes pre-installed and pre-configured for you, but you can easily assign different keys to each pad.

  • 3 to 4 ports USB hub installed to the side of the lyrics prompter, allowing you to plug in the foot pedal without having to access the interior. You can also load your lyrics into a USB stick or use it to charge your phone.

  • 2 internal LED fans to keep your teleprompter and equipment cool in any weather.

  • Internal LED lighting to help you find your gear in even the darkest pub out there.


  • Weight: 23lbs (10.4kg), it's the lightest lyrics prompter in the market!*

  • Dimensions (it's the smallest lyrics prompter in the market!) **

    • Deep: 22in (56cm)

    • Wide: 14.5in (37cm)

    • Height: 18.5in (47cm) + 1in (2.5cm) with the rubber feet

  • DuraTex® Speaker Cabinet Coating. Professional look and durability. This special coating creates a tough, weather resistant and easily maintained texture surface.

  • Industrial Strength Velcro and Super Strong Magnets for holding the back door in place while still making it easy for you to open.