How To Setup Your Prompter Lyrics

1 - I recommend using your personal computer to work on your lyrics instead of trying to work on the prompter directly. It will be easier and faster. But if you really want to work on the prompter, skip to Step 4

2 - You need Microsoft PowerPoint or Open Office installed in your computer.
For Microsoft Powerpoint you can go to and click to download office (it's paid)
or go to to download Open Office (free).

3 - Copy the SetPrompter powerpoint file that was added to the desktop into a pen drive, or in the prompter, open your email in the browser and send as an attachment to yourself, then on your personal computer you can just download from your email.

4 - Open this file on your personal computer (or prompter) and you will see on the left side all the slides with all the songs that are part of this template, already setup to be vertical, with a black background color.

5 - Click on the first slide and it will open on the right just like a text editor

6 - You can select all the text and delete

7 - Go to your current lyrics document (the one you use now) and copy the lyrics and then go back to the template and paste into the slide you cleared all the text from

8 - Make any adjustments for font size and colors to your liking

9 - If you want, you can make the font very large and any text that is going beyond the borders of the slide, you can copy and paste into the next slide, that way you will have more than 1 slide per song.

10 - Once you run out of slides from the template, just right click on any slide on the left side and choose Duplicate, which will create a copy of the slide you clicked and put right after it.

11 - To change the order of the lyrics that show up, you can just click and drag the slides on the left to the position you need them.

12 - You can save the file or choose Save As from the File Menu on top to give it a new name.